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Puma research


Live Captures

We are experts in ethically live-capturing mountain lions for research using hounds and cage-traps, with over a decade of experience and a perfect safety record.


Field Forensics

Understanding cause of mortality is crucial for managing wildlife populations, but determining cause of death often requires expert skill and experience. We can read the forensic evidence of scavengers, predators, starvation or disease to determine why an animal died.


Non-Invasive Monitoring

Camera traps, scat genetics and tracking surveys all provide cheap, non-invasive insight into carnivore populations, but only if you place and use them appropriately. We can count your mountain lions with just a handful of well-placed cameras.

Group Around Lion Kill 2.jpg

Team Trainings

Funding for wildlife research and management is scarce. Make sure your team is collecting accurate field observations with a group training. Whether interpreting lion kill-sites, placing trail cameras, or identifying wildlife scat, we can increase the effectiveness of your team.

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